Part 1

With all the fanfare surrounding the first anniversary of the App Store, I thought I’d share a personal story.

Approximately 1 year ago today I started working on my first personal iPhone project. Some of the code actually originated more than 2 years earlier, as part of my Mac version of a game called Jawbreaker.

I was one of the lucky few accepted early into the iPhone Developer Program, in April of 2008. Because I was tied up with a project for my day job, I didn’t have the time or interest to work on anything on the side. A year ago the NDA still prevented developers from “talking amongst ourselves,” so creating an iPhone app with very little outside help seemed daunting.

On July 11, the iTunes App Store launched, with all of its attendant fuss and hoopla. Having worked very hard for over three months on my employer’s iPhone app, I decided to take a stab at creating my own. How hard could it be? Turns out, not very. I spent one weekend coding it, tested it for a few more days, and then submitted it.

I had no great hopes, no press release, no marketing budget, and barely a web site. So I waited, not really sure what to expect, either in terms of time for a response, or the response itself. Because the App Store was just starting to heat up, the stories were only beginning to surface about the approval process.

Exactly one week later, on Tuesday July 29, I received the much-anticipated email from Apple: “Your Application Status is Ready for Sale.” Little did I know how much I would come to appreciate seeing that green dot on the iTunes Connect page!

Ready For Sale.png

Next time: Rising to the top