Earlier this month I decided to sponsor a sort of 2009 Holiday promotion for other iPhone developers’ apps. This idea had been kicking around in my head for some time, but now seemed like the right time to put it into action.
On December 19th I wrote a cryptic invitation on Twitter for iPhone developer who wanted an additional boost this holiday season. There were many responses, and most of those were selected to be included in the promotion. In this case, the ‘promotion’ is a number of in-app ad impressions inside my reMovem free game. This means I am replacing a percentage of AdMob and AdSense ads with custom ads for the selected iPhone apps. This is done at no cost in the spirit of goodwill and iPhone developer community cooperation. Just so you know, I’m not going broke on this: each app is getting the minimum allocation on AdWhirl, which amounts to between 5,000-15,000 impressions a day.

I received a number of responses: some from folks I know personally, some I’ve talked with on Twitter, and others I never met before. I’ve got to say it’s my pleasure to connect with this great group, and the positive feedback has been encouraging. We’re already discussing additional ways in which we can work together in the future, to help promote each others’ apps.

The ads will continue to run until New years Day, hopefully the extra exposure will help boost each app, at least a little bit. Here’s a complete list on the apps included in the promotion, in no particular order. I’m sure most readers will be familiar with a few of these apps, but a few of them are brand-spanking new, so be sure to check them all out. My thanks to all who participated.

Aqua Globs from Qwiboo.
Arcade Solitaire: TriTowers from Endloop Systems.
Passadoodle from postmechanical.
TanZen from Little White Bear Studios.
Labor Mate from White Peak Software.
Monkeys in Space: Escape to Banana Base Alpha from Streaming Colour Studios.
Similis Deluxe from J2Ke.
Flower Garden Free from Snappy Touch.
Animal Sound Chase Free from Windmill Apps.
Snaked from Broken Thumbs Apps.
Green Fingers from No Monkeys.
Chopper from Majic Jungle Software.
SpringFling from GTProductions.
Tourneys from BigSprocket.
Story Tracker from Andrew Nicolle.
Downhill Bowling from GameResort.
Sword of Fargoal from Fargoal.
Listmaker from Daze End Software.
Rocket Santa from Christopher Waite.
Payload from Prop Group.
Tweeps from ACME.
BeerMap from Matthew Galloway.
Serving Sizer recipe converter from Creative Algorithms.
Compression from Little White Bear Studios.
Touch and Play from Anthropohedron.
Face Race from We Heart Games.
Similis Plus from J2Ke.
Eyegore’s Eye Blast from RetroDreamer (Clickgamer).
Sneezies from RetroDreamer (Chillingo).