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iOS 4, Why You So Slow?

Nobody likes an update that worsens performance. And a game that can’t be played as a result of such an update is a Very Bad Thing. Probably all iPhone developers have had to deal with a crash or glitch that required them to scramble and hope that Apple would give them expedited reviews. I know I did recently for reMovem 2, when an update which introduced OpenFeint support crashed on users’ systems, but curiously not on mine. Funny how that slipped through the normal review process. But that’s another story.

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2 Years On The App Store


In a short couple of weeks the App Store turns two. There will undoubtedly be big celebrations in Cupertino and elsewhere as Apple trumpets the latest milestone of its success. Here at Mundue headquarters it’s time to look back and reflect on the first two years of the App Store. Let’s start with the big news first.

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WWDC 2010 Recap


WWDC is the big event of the year for Apple developers. This year’s gathering was no exception. I’ve been going on and off for twenty years; my first was in 1990 at the San Jose Convention Center. Much has changed in two decades. I was there for the System 7 rollout, and yes I met Sculley. That was during the interregnum while Steve planned his comeback. Old stuff.

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