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Have you registered for 360iDev in Austin yet? I have, and not just because I’m speaking this time. There are two compelling reasons to attend. First, there are the features included in this incredibly affordable event:

  • Over 40 sessions ranging from beginner to advanced covering topics like “Live streaming with Core Audio”, “The Fundamentals of iPad Programming” and “Game Center, Beyond Games”
  • 5 Hands-on sessions including Saul Mora’s Unit Testing That Doesn’t Suck workshop, InMobi’s The Economics of Your Ad Supported Application Business, Adv. Debugging, and Xcode Customization.
  • We’ve got a full line up of Parties! TapLynx on Sunday, Disney/Tapulous on Monday and on Tuesday!
  • Every attendee gets an iPad sketchbook from Apress
  • Tuesday night we’ll have another Game Jam. All night game creating awesomeness!
  • We’ve announced the Community App Awards! (Explained here:
  • The speaker page is packed with awesome names. Check it out!
  • The sponsors page is a who’s who of the best companies in the iOS space, but there’s room for more!

Second, and by many accounts more important, is the opportunity to meet and make new friends in the iPhone community. The size of 360iDev is just right so you don’t get overwhelmed by crowds and lines. This will be my third time at 360iDev and I can’t wait to hang out with the folks I met last time.

If you’re on a budget and have to pick just one conference, this is the one! It has the right mix of technical, business, marketing, and design sessions, and you won’t be disappointed. See you there!

Update You can still get a 15% discount if you use the promo code ‘martelRocks’ and no I didn’t make this up. What are you waiting for?

I recently uploaded a new application to iTunes Connect for review by Apple. The new app is currently waiting for review. It makes heavy use of the so-called hi-dpi images that look great on the iPhone 4′s Retina Display. Naturally we wanted to use the screenshots from the iPhone 4 to highlight those images in the App Store description. The latest version of the documentation ( iTunes Connect Developer Guide 6.0 ) is pretty clear about which sizes you can use for an iPhone app. I should mention this is not a universal app, so there’s no confusion over iPhone/iPad screenshot sizes.

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