This is a short post since I’m on the road, still at the tail end of the 360iDev conference. Apologies for the brevity and late date, but I don’t want to miss my deadline.

The Good

The 360iDev conference was good, even better than expected. Kudos to John and Nicole for pulling off a great event without a hitch. We we so happy to see many old friends and make a few new ones along the way. Each session was indeed awesome, though I wish I could clone myself to attend more than one sometimes. So many good presenters, interesting lunchtime conversations, and after-hours discussions, that it boggles the mind. There were a few notable absences, but hopefully next time we’ll all be back together again.

The Bad

Hotel wifi is a tricky thing, and this week we had to suffer through some of the worst of it. Even after assurances that the Marriott could handle this group, it’s obvious they were not able to. Insert numerous keynote speaker’s references to the lousy setup and performance of our network, and even the neighboring facilities’ networks. Luckily the AT&T signal was excellent for most 3G devices this week. In addition, this part of Austin felt like no-mans-land, and we weren’t near anything but a freeway. A loud one. A busy one with bumper-to-bumper traffic most of the time. What a shame that we couldn’t have been closer to downtown.

The Ugly

Driving here from Colorado brought us through some of the most boring parts of the United States. Consider the fact that a medium-sized city like Lubbock had no hotel vacancies (due to, yup, football) last Friday, we had to stay in a hellacious town called Post, TX which smelled exactly like an oil refinery. Or a leaky gas tank. Or burning rubber. You decide. How the locals stand it, I don’t know. I think Texas is a state of mind, where if you say things like ‘lone star’ enough, people stop asking what the heck that means. Gas up the truck and throw a cooler in the back, we’ve got another hundred miles to go.


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