Four weeks have elapsed since we raised the price of reMovem and the skies have not fallen. Yes, the daily rankings have taken a hit, but the revenue is holding steady and has even grown a tad. Interestingly, I haven’t had a single comment about the price change, and the ratings are still a solid 4-½ stars. We don’t consider this an experiment, but will closely monitor the results over the next few weeks to help decide if/when to lower the price again. If you’re curious about the effects of such a change on a stable mature app, then read on.



With the tripling of the price the sales went down to 34.6% of the previous month. We didn’t change any other factors during this period, and kept up the usual amount of cross-promotion within the free version. Neither app was featured or advertised externally. During this time we faced an onslaught of new apps being featured and existing apps lowering their prices to gain a rise in rankings. That’s nothing new, but obviously can contribute to rankings fluctuations.



Revenue has stayed extremely steady, in fact it’s up 3.3% in the October period shown. What’s immediately obvious is an increase in the daily volatility. There’s much wider swings from weekend to weekday. This seems to be the inverse of the sales drop change above, where the downloads fluctuate less at the lower rate. It would be interesting to compare this to other apps we have at different price points.

Top Paid Rankings


Rankings have been hit pretty hard. Red is Puzzle and green is Strategy. It seems safe to say they have dropped to 1/3 the previous month’s value, but my Majicrank data is unfortunately missing a few days. The rankings are important because they help to keep the app “visible” on the device, especially when the ranking is within that top 25. I figure the first page of apps in any category will contribute greatly, almost as much as a feature in some cases. For example, reMovem free is consistently in the top 25 for both Puzzle and Strategy, which drives enough downloads to sustain itself during periods of external pressure (paid-to-free and other promotions).

Top Grossing Rankings


Perhaps more telling (again, apologies for the spotty Majicrank data) is the top grossing ranks. This actually went up a bit, but has since dropped, though not nearly to the 1/3 level of the sales. Clearly, raising the price can lead to a sustained profitable rate. Of course, the downside to all this is: less users. In this era of “the power of free” where the goal is to get your app in as many hands as possible, we are not winning that battle. However, given that this is the paid part of the paid/free duo, and that we don’t yet have any lucrative IAP in either, this is OK.


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