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Another Year

A quick peek at the calendar reveals that it is exactly three months since my first iDevBlogADay post. Thus it’s time to relinquish my spot and move to the back of the list (thanks, @mysterycoconut!) so some other patient indie can have a turn. This has been a good exercise to get me writing again. Some of the more popular posts have included AdWhirl, Game Center, Localization, so I’ll continue to expound those topics.┬áThree months feels like a decent amount of time in the iDevBlogADay spotlight, and even though there’s no term-limit, maybe there should be. Nah.

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Unsung Heroes


Last weekend I had the privilege to be able to attend the inaugural 360MacDev conference in Denver. While many readers may only be beginning to think about deploying apps on OS X, there are many developers out there who’ve been happily making a living doing so for years. The overlap, or synergy, if you will, of the iOS and OS X communities was clearly evident at the conference.

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Prepping for Christmas

snowman@2x.pngAs every seasoned iPhone developer knows, the Christmas season is Big. Retailers, online and physical, make most of their annual revenue in the fourth quarter. It’s not quite that lopsided for iDevs, but the rewards can be great, both before and after Christmas. As everyone knows now, Apple shuts off access to the iTunes Connect portal from December 23rd to 28th, meaning you must get all updates and price changes in effect by the 22nd.

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Distributed Builds in Xcode

This a post about using Xcode’s distributed build feature to shorten your development cycles. Many indie developers are constantly seeking a way to shave a few seconds off the edit-build-debug workflow. If you have more than one Mac at your disposal, or even if you work in a small team, you can effectively pool compile resources to speed build times.

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