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In With the New

The new shiny is here. At the annual WWDC recently, Apple unveiled three widely-anticipated new products. This year it was all about software, so hardware announcements will have to come later. In the keynote Steve Jobs mentioned OS X Lion, iOS 5, and iCloud. If you’re an iOS or Mac developer these changes will have a huge impact on you in the next few months. I’m not going to go into much detail about the announcements, but you should definitely check out the keynote if you haven’t seen it yet.

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The Annual Pilgrimage

WWDC 2011The annual pilgrimage to San Francisco is underway this week. I figure I’ve attended about a dozen in the past 21 years. All have indeed been awesome. Many long-time attendees seem to have mastered the week-long partying and a few have even published “survival guides.” My goal is not to get as many free drinks as I can, or to stay awake during the late-afternoon sessions. I’m here to see old friends, make new ones, and absorb the latest installment of greatness from Apple. I came prepared with questions, code problems, and and open mind about what’s next for iOS and OS X. Seeing a live Stevenote will be a bonus.

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VTM iPhone Seattle


Soon we’ll be heading to Seattle for the biannual VTM iPhone conference. This two day event will be held the weekend April 9-10, with an optional third day of seminars the day before. This will be my third Voices That Matter conference, and I’m looking forward to some great sessions and seeing old friends again. I’m also very interested in the hands-on cocos2d seminar with Rod Strougo and Ray Wenderlich on Friday. For those new to Cocoa and Objective-C there’s also a full-day session with the Big Nerd Ranch guys Aaron Hillegass and Joe Conway.

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Unsung Heroes


Last weekend I had the privilege to be able to attend the inaugural 360MacDev conference in Denver. While many readers may only be beginning to think about deploying apps on OS X, there are many developers out there who’ve been happily making a living doing so for years. The overlap, or synergy, if you will, of the iOS and OS X communities was clearly evident at the conference.

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The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

This is a short post since I’m on the road, still at the tail end of the 360iDev conference. Apologies for the brevity and late date, but I don’t want to miss my deadline.

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Don’t Miss 360|iDev


You have probably already heard about how great the 360|iDev conferences are. You may have even attended one or two of them. In that case I’m sure you’re planning to attend the upcoming one (November 7-10, Austin TX). But if you haven’t, or are on the fence about attending, don’t delay! There is still time to book inexpensive flights and hotels, and you can still get discounts on the conference registration page.

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Get Involved

We’re lucky to live in a big little city (Colorado Springs) that has a vibrant iPhone developer community. There are regular CocoaHeads and NSCoder meetings, as well as non-affiliated iPhone meetups and various UX discussions. Just last night we were able to see and critique some interesting demos of unannounced projects. We also got into a lively discussion about best practices for an App Store description. This kind of feedback is highly valuable.

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Share the Awesome

Have you registered for 360iDev in Austin yet? I have, and not just because I’m speaking this time. There are two compelling reasons to attend. First, there are the features included in this incredibly affordable event:

  • Over 40 sessions ranging from beginner to advanced covering topics like “Live streaming with Core Audio”, “The Fundamentals of iPad Programming” and “Game Center, Beyond Games”
  • 5 Hands-on sessions including Saul Mora’s Unit Testing That Doesn’t Suck workshop, InMobi’s The Economics of Your Ad Supported Application Business, Adv. Debugging, and Xcode Customization.
  • We’ve got a full line up of Parties! TapLynx on Sunday, Disney/Tapulous on Monday and on Tuesday!
  • Every attendee gets an iPad sketchbook from Apress
  • Tuesday night we’ll have another Game Jam. All night game creating awesomeness!
  • We’ve announced the Community App Awards! (Explained here:
  • The speaker page is packed with awesome names. Check it out!
  • The sponsors page is a who’s who of the best companies in the iOS space, but there’s room for more!

Second, and by many accounts more important, is the opportunity to meet and make new friends in the iPhone community. The size of 360iDev is just right so you don’t get overwhelmed by crowds and lines. This will be my third time at 360iDev and I can’t wait to hang out with the folks I met last time.

If you’re on a budget and have to pick just one conference, this is the one! It has the right mix of technical, business, marketing, and design sessions, and you won’t be disappointed. See you there!

Update You can still get a 15% discount if you use the promo code ‘martelRocks’ and no I didn’t make this up. What are you waiting for?

WWDC 2010 Recap


WWDC is the big event of the year for Apple developers. This year’s gathering was no exception. I’ve been going on and off for twenty years; my first was in 1990 at the San Jose Convention Center. Much has changed in two decades. I was there for the System 7 rollout, and yes I met Sculley. That was during the interregnum while Steve planned his comeback. Old stuff.

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