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Another Year

A quick peek at the calendar reveals that it is exactly three months since my first iDevBlogADay post. Thus it’s time to relinquish my spot and move to the back of the list (thanks, @mysterycoconut!) so some other patient indie can have a turn. This has been a good exercise to get me writing again. Some of the more popular posts have included AdWhirl, Game Center, Localization, so I’ll continue to expound those topics.┬áThree months feels like a decent amount of time in the iDevBlogADay spotlight, and even though there’s no term-limit, maybe there should be. Nah.

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In the wake of a second devastating earthquake in 2 months, we will again be donating our daily Apple proceeds to help the relief efforts, this time in Chile. Any Mundue apps you purchase on Saturday March 6 will directly benefit the Chilean Red Cross relief efforts. Please help spread the word.